We understand here at Pepperells that going through a divorce is a difficult and stressful time for those involved and a new Will would often be overlooked during the emotional process of a Divorce. .

What does a Divorce mean for my existing Will?

On contemplation of Divorce and on Divorce, this does not revoke your pre-existing Will and your former spouse will remain in the Will but they will be treated as if they had passed away. If your Will does not deal with what should happen in the event of death of your former spouse, the rules of intestacy may apply. The rules would apply if the beneficiary of the Will has died and there is no details about what should happen next.

If your Will does not cover what is to happen in these circumstances, there is a risk that your Estate could be distributed on different terms that you had stated in your Will.

How can Pepperells help?

Pepperells can assist by drafting a New Will which will consider any Divorce proceedings you are involved in and provide certainty and reassurance in a stressful time.